Design and research for people's everyday experiences

Bring Out Your Culture Sensitivity
Co-creation //Cultura//Intercultural emapthy
Understand Toilet Culture Oversea
Contextual user research // Co-creation
Co-Create New Cooking Experience
Contextual user research // Co-creation
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Contextual User Research In Practice

Design for Cultures
Co-create New Laundry Experiences
Training // Workshops// Methods
Social In-car Experiences
Training // Workshops// Methods
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Contextual User Research Workshops & Trainings

Design For User Experience

Contextual user research // User experience // APP
User experience // Contextual research// Co-creation
The Nails Project
Interaction design // Rapid prototype // Health care
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Chen Hao - Design consultant, researcher & lecturer

Chen's design work has been always inspired by people's everyday lives. She strives to support users in realising their needs through design research and co-creation, designing products and services that interact with people to enhance their experiences and lifestyle. Traveling around the world feeds her love for cultural diversity and fuels her creativity. Currently she's spending part of her time on her own design research consultancy company, HAO design lab and part of her time working as a lecturer at TU Delft.

Chen defended her PhD thesis in September, 2019.  During her research, she has developed Cultura, a contextual research method that helps designers gain intercultural empathy with end users.  Partnering closely with companies in Europe and China allows her to combine theory with pragmatism and utilise her method in design practice.

In this site you can find part of her work. Chen is open for collaboration with you, so don't hesitate to contact : chenhao@hao-designlab.com

Let's work together.

Contextual User Research Methods

Cultura Toolkit
For designers to gain empathic insights across cultural boundaries
A new approach to understand your end users and their cultural contexts
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