The Nails Project
Collaborated with: Trimbos-Institute

In the Netherlands there are about 2 million people who bite their nails frequently. This habbit is often considered a signal of psychological disorders. After observations and interviews with chronic biters, I found they have been constantly in a dilemma. On the one hand, they easily feel guilty since they bite too much unconsciously that could be harmful. On the other hand, they enjoy the biting moments and would feel satisfied afterwards. Because biting nails enables the biters “ to be isolated from outside world for a while”. As for most of the biters, biting nails is not as negative as been told from social standpoint or by the doctors. Therefore, to help the chronic nail biters coping with their biting behavior became the design goal of this project. I created a subtle interaction for chronic nail biters to enhance their biting experience but at same time prevent them from getting guilty or biting too much. 

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Interaction Design // Movie making

Some graphic elements were adopted from Jimmy Liao

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