Seniors on the Move
Capturing insights into 65+'s everyday travelling experience
Project for Province Gelderland and Muzus

This project was executed as a team under supervision of Muzus, a user-centered design consultancy. We helped the client map the present context of the 65+ and their travel chain in Gelderland, and investigated opportunities for future services. Contextmapping technique was the main method in this study.  


The insights were mapped into a model showing how comfort zone, physical boundary and personal horizon could limit or expand the travelling experience. Moreover, some parameters were defined: physical ability, residency and personality.

The results of this user research were showcased in posters and a presentation was given to the stakeholders at Province of Gelderland. These interesting insights were considered as added value for Province of Gelderland to develop new policies and services for the senior residents.

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Team project and my main tasks : 

Data analysis// Graphic design


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