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A toolkit for designers to gain empathic insights
across cultural boundaries
Sep 2015 - present
PhD research at Delft University of Technology

When working on an international design project, designers often find it difficult to empathize with the user insights of people from a culture beyond their first-hand experience. To help designers step beyond this limitation, Cultura has been developed for supporting them to deal with the complexity of designing for unfamiliar markets. It is a design toolkit that uses nine cultural aspects based on cultural theories, informing designers about user insights in a broader cultural context.


Cultura works perfectly for communicating user insights and inspiring design in a co-creation session, and it is also great for the product development team to synthesize user research data.

Want to know more details about Cultura?  

  • A video showcases a session where Cultura was applied

  • paper reports the development and application of Cultura.

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